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"Serving the Transportation Industry"

Pacifica is a specialty fabrication and refurbishment company operating in the mass transportation vehicle industry.  Highly skilled workers and an experienced management team bring unique talents to transportation projects requiring the extra skill and quality control that operator/owners responsible for public safety require.

Incorporated in Washington State in 1995, contracts that Pacifica has performed as a prime contractor or subcontractor include:

  • Final assembly of 65 high-speed passenger railcars for the Spanish railcar manufacturer, Talgo
  • Refurbishment and repair of the City of Seattle's two monorail trains,
  • Railcar interiors and miscellaneous mechanical and electrical system installations for Colorado Railcar Manufacturing's prototype DMU commuter car and other CRM projects
  • Various one-off prototype projects, including a replica historic trolley refurbishment and fabrication.

In 2003, Pacifica diversified its transportation work initiating its Green Emissions Division.  This department specializes in retrofitting school and transit buses and other diesel powered equipment with high performing filter and catalyst technologies capable of reducing harmful diesel emissions by as much as 95%.  The technologies we install are verified by both the EPA and the California Air Resource Board.

For your transportation projects requiring efficiency, timeliness and the highest quality standards, Pacifica is an ideal partner and service provider.
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