Recent Contracts

In November of 2006 two monorail trains on Seattle's historic monorail line in a freak accident sideswiped each other at a high rate of speed.  Fortunately there were only minor human injuries but the trains were severely damaged.  Pacifica was the prime contractor called in to repair the trains.

Anyone who has visited the Bronx Zoo in New York has likely taken a ride on its popular monorail trains which weave in and out of animal exhibits throughout the Zoo.  Under a contract from Schwager Davis Inc., Pacifica completely restored the 40 year old fiberglass monorail carbodies and designed and installed a new wrap-around railing to replace a dingy plexiglass barrier that was hard for children and adults to see through.  Bronx (NY) Zoo Monorail in conjunction with Schwager Davis Inc of San Jose.

Currently AMTRAK contracted with Pacifica to rebuild the subfloor structure of its entire Talgo train fleet to meet stringent new FRA requirements for reinforced seat attachments.  In addition to the structural repair AMTRAK contracted with Pacifica to renovate the complete cabin interiors.


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