"Serving the Transportation Industry"


Pacifica is a specialty fabrication and refurbishment company operating in the mass transportation vehicle industry.   Workers dedicated to their trade and an experienced management team bring collaboration and conscientiousness to projects requiring extra skill and assured quality. For fleet operators and owners responsible for public safety and vehicle performance, Pacifica's service is second to none.


  • High speed and commuter railcar assembly, modification, and refurbishment
  • Prototype transit vehicle restoration and historic vehicle replication
  • Zoo and other entertainment venue monorails and light vehicle refurbishment

Green Tech Division: 

  • Diesel Engine Emissions Controls and Monitoring 
  • Mobile Seed Oil Extraction Systems
  • CO2 and other Gas Solvent Extraction

Paint and Coatings Division:

  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
  • On and Off-road Vehicles 

For your transportation projects, green tech, and coatings projects requiring efficiency, timeliness and the highest quality standards, Pacifica is an ideal partner and service provider.