About Us

Incorporated in Washington State in 1995, Pacifica's team has a diversity of skills born in part to our location in the nexus of transporation industries.  Pacifica's workforce and managment have combined backgrounds ranging from aerospace fabrication to pasenger railcar assembly to historic trolley restoration and repair. 

Pacifica's unique beginning  --a collaboration of private and community interests in concert with the State's most significant labor union, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers--  provided a well of committed tradesmen and women and early experience in teamwork leading to success.   Pacifica works strictly on ground transportation vehicles, but the aerospace background of many of its personnel have proven invaluable in being able to adapt to the most challenging of rail, transit, and monorail projects.

In 2003, Pacifica diversified its transportation work and initiated its Green Tech Division specializing in diesel emission control systems installation and monitoring, oil seed process system fabrication for food and biofuel, and CO2 gas solvent extraction systems.  In 2005, we added a Paint and Coatings Division, focusing in particular on industrial vehicles and equipment. 

A sample of Pacifica projects include:


  • Final assembly of high-speed passenger railcars for the Spanish railcar manufacturer, Talgo
  • Carbody structural mod and interior refurbishment, AMTRAK
  • Railcar interior and mechanical installations for prototype DMU commuter car and luxury touring cars, Colorado Railcar Manufacturing
  • Crash repair and refurbishment, City of Seattle monorail trains
  • Various prototype and refurbishment projects including:  replica historic trolley fabrication, historic streetcar restoration, zoo and entertainmnent venue monorails and light vehicle refurbishment

Green Tech:

  • Retrofit of over 1000 on and off road diesel powered vehicles with diesel particulate filters (DPF's) and oxidation catalysts
  • Data logging and monitoring of these same vehicles.  Pacifica is also an exclusive distributor for CPK-Automotive Dala Logging devices and software.
  • Design and manufacture transportable (containerized) systems for oil seed crushing and filtering
  • CO2 Gas Solvent Extraction 

Paint and Coatings:

  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery Painting;  On-Road Vehicle Fine Finishes