Exhaust Emissions Reduction

In 2003 Pacifica opened its Green Tech Division with a special focus on installing aftermarket Diesel exhaust filters, catalysts, and data logging and monitoring equipment for their effective performance.  To date we have installed over 1000 vehicles and pieces of equipment resulting in the reduction hundreds of tons of diesel particulate and other pollutants into the atmosphere.  These include school buses, refuse trucks, on-highway semi-tractor trailers, stationary generators, port cargo handling cranes and forklifts, and agricultural equipment.  

Also, Pacifica is an exclusive distributor and installer of DYNTest Data Loggers and Control Systems made by CPK-Automotive.  The DYNTest Control Systems and similar products are essential for effective exhaust reduction over time, and the DYNTest System was recently featured by the California Air Resource Board at their November 2008 Showcase Conference.  (www.cpk-automotive.com)